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  • How do I buy your swimbaits?

We upload baits in batches as often as we can. It is first come first serve. There is no list & we do not do preorders.

  • When is the next drop?

Drops are posted on the website for sale as soon as the product is finished.  We announce the drops on Facebook & Instagram via Live video and posts. Since we are a small family operation our drops will vary in size & timing. 

  • What line do I use?

For most of our swimbaits 20lb Monofilament or Fluorocarbon will cover your needs. 


Swimbait Prices & Specs

7" ChadShad


2. oz    SS ROF 3-4   

Rod Recommendation: Heavy 

9" Legend


3.25 oz  SS ROF 4   

Rod Recommendation: Extra Heavy

8" Crappie


3 oz  SS ROF 3   

Rod Recommendation: XH/Heavy

11" KING


8.8 oz  SS ROF 3   

Rod Recommendation: XXH

10" GOAT "Greatest of all Trout"


5.9 oz  SS ROF 3   

Rod Recommendation: XH

Contact for wholesale prices *authorized dealers only*

Contact customer service

contact us for any concerns about your baits, repairs or general questions at:

Our dedication to an excellent experience.

Here at KGB Swimbaits, we are a small business with a dedicated team of skilled craftsman. We strive to make your experience on and off the water better. Our goal is to produce the highest quality Swimbaits, fishing gear and to provide the best customer service in this industry for everyone. If you are disabled (ADA) and have difficulties using our website, please reach out to us directly and we will help you directly! We will be happy to help!